Swing into Action  Ladies & Girls Golf Taster Evening

Swing into Action Ladies & Girls Golf Taster Evening

Ladies and Girls Golf Taster Evening  Thursday 12th July 2018, 6 pm to 9pm

What is this? A free evening to try out golf, just ladies and girls, have a go then have a chat over a drink and some nibbles in our clubhouse.


Why Golf? Now, if golf is something you’ve always thought about trying, but have been put off by the multitude of ‘myths’ that we often hear… don’t listen to them! Let’s put some of them to bed right here…!

Golf takes all day to play
No.. it doesn’t! An average 18 hole round of golf takes approximately four hours. But, you don’t always need to play all 18, you can play 9 holes, which in the summer is a great thing to do to wind down after a busy day at work!

Golf is just for men
Nope… it really isn’t! We think Lexi Thompson, Anna Nordqvist, Michelle Wei, Charley Hull & Carly Booth might have something to say about that!

Golf won’t help you keep fit
Erm… yes it will! During an average round of golf, you walk around 5 miles, burn around 900 calories and do more than 10,000 steps. Your fitbit will love you!

Golf is stuffy
No… it’s not!  Have you watched any of the recent golf coverage or followed any of the big golf personalities on social media, such as Paige Spiranac? If not, you should!  Golf is fun, golf is vibrant, golf is welcoming and friendly and golf is most definitely NOT STUFFY!

Check out this video if you think you might be interested in golf and you’ll be convinced!