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Blue Tee Beginner Membership

The MHGC Blue Tee Beginner  offers a category of membership for golfers who are new to the club and wish to take their first steps towards full membership.

There is no joining fee.

For an annual subscription of £180 members get 150 playing credits which can be used to purchase 9 or 18 holes of golf throughout the year, including weekend mornings and afternoons. The number of credits each game costs depends on the time and day of the week (See pricing schedule below).

There are of course, as you would expect, some restrictions compared with Full Membership:

  • Beginner membership is only available to new members, that is those individuals that have not previously been playing members of MHGC.
  • Subscriptions are paid annually in advance and membership will begin upon payment of the required fees. Points’ allocation cannot be carried over to the following subscription year. Current rates and points’ matrix are displayed on the Club’s website and below. 
  • Members of the Scheme are members of the Club but do not have the usual rights and privileges associated with Full, Flexible of Taster membership and are also subject to the restrictions set out in paragraphs 4-11 below. 
  • Members will have the same Membership bag-tag sticker as those on the Flexible Membership scheme which MUST be visible at all times while on the course. 
  • Scheme membership entitles you to purchase 150 points for £180 which can be used to redeem 9 or 18 holes of golf played from the Blue tees only. Members can also redeem 25 points for a lesson with our PGA Professional. Once the points’ allocation is used up membership of MHGC ceases unless a new Flexible or Full membership is purchased. 
  • Members MUST book a tee time prior to play. This can be done online, via the Club Website or in the Pro Shop. In each case the appropriate points’ deduction will be made from your 150 points’ bank. Failure to book a round prior to play will be a contravention of the club’s by-laws and as such could result in membership being cancelled. Members are required to be accompanied by one of our PGA professionals for their first round of golf in order to learn the etiquette required on the Golf Course. This should be arranged in the Professional Shop.
  • Part of this membership will be achieving the “MHGC Membership Certification”. This will involve the member achieving a designated gross score in the presence of a Professional in order to progress to become a flexible or full member.
  • Members of the scheme may not represent the Club in inter-club matches or enter any competitions and will be unable to obtain a WHS handicap. 
  • Members of the scheme may not take advantage of Reciprocal Golf arrangements with our partner clubs.
  • Members may not introduce guests at members’ guest rates within these restrictions.
  • Membership of the Scheme does not confer any voting rights. 
  • Members of the Scheme may convert to Flexible or Full Membership status at any time subject to paying the appropriate balancing subscription. 
  • The pricing bands and points matrix are  below.

For Winter 2021/22 rates click  here

For Summer 2022 rates click  here

If you are interested or would just like a chat,  please contact the Pro Shop on or 01858 463684 (option 2).


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