Course and Greens


Course maintenance programmes and improvement projects are carried out by our Greens staff under the supervision and watchful eye of Head Greenkeeper Chris Weir.

The Greens team members are Chris, Glyn Buckby, Lee Wenlock, Lee Matthes and Keith Rylance. This team is ably assisted by volunteers and part timers.

Chris and his team work closely with the Greens Committee to formulate and implement Summer and Winter work programmes. Your current Greens Committee members are:

Ken Bonser (Director), Chris Weir, Carolyn Hartopp, Paul Fairbrother, Malc Carter, and Paul Booler

The aim of this group is to ensure that your course remains in top condition throughout the golfing year and this refers to both general course maintenance and overall improvements. Members of this committee welcome and will always respond to the views, questions and observations of fellow members.


One Course – One Club – One Aim; to deliver the best course in the County

The links below are selections from Fore-Ground, the publication devised to update members on proposed works on the course and the ongoing status of them.

Use of Trolleys                                                 

Course Maintenance Programme 2018