Market Harborough Golf Club

Entrant List for LADIES OPEN AM-AM

56 players have been signed up for this competition as of 6:22 PM Sunday 21st April

Andrea Alston (Northamptonshire County Golf Club)
Karen Atherton (Kettering Golf Club)
Pam Bailey (Kettering Golf Club)
Tracy Bass (Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire))
Sarah Beattie (Cold Ashby Golf Club)
Denise Bellamy-Walton (Northamptonshire County Golf Club)
Jane Bevan (Charnwood Forest)
Sally Bingham (Kettering Golf Club)
Denise Brady (Northamptonshire County Golf Club)
Elizabeth Bramwell (Kilworth Springs Golf Club)
MICHALA BURGESS (The Nottinghamshire)
Myra Burrows (37.7)
Jacqueline BUTLER (Elton Furze Golf Club)
Charlotte Cameron (Kettering Golf Club)
Lynn Cassidy (Charnwood Forest)
Anita Cordery (Elton Furze Golf Club)
Kate Dennison (Northamptonshire County Golf Club)
Joanne Doswell (Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire))
Amanda Edge (Northampton Golf Club)
Joyce Fielding (Staverton Park Golf Club)
Cherry Fleet (25.2)
Anna FRAY (Elton Furze Golf Club)
S FRY (Vale Golf & Country Club)
Christine Geschke (Lingdale Golf Club)
SALLY HARRINGTON (Rutland Water Golf Course Golf Club)
Daphne Harris (Rutland Water Golf Course Golf Club)
JANE HOUGHTON (Rutland Water Golf Course Golf Club)
Claire Izod (Oundle)
Diane Jaggard (Lingdale Golf Club)
Kathleen Jex (Lingdale Golf Club)
Karen Johnson (Oundle)
Pamela Kerr (Cold Ashby Golf Club)
Carole Knighton (Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire))
HAILEY LAVERTY (The Nottinghamshire)
Gillian Lonergan (Kilworth Springs Golf Club)
Pauline milner (Charnwood Forest)
Tina Morley (Kilworth Springs Golf Club)
Valerie Oswin (Lingdale Golf Club)
JENNY OWEN (Rutland Water Golf Course Golf Club)
Sarah Parsell (Oundle)
Kim Pateman (Oundle)
Sylvia Price (29.1)
Jane ROSS (Elton Furze Golf Club)
Priya Salvi (Oundle)
Sheila Scullion (Northampton Golf Club)
Patricia Silburn (Oundle)
Barbara Steane (Cold Ashby Golf Club)
Ally Swallow (Lakeside Lodge Golf Club (Cambridgeshire))
Wendy Tayler (Kilworth Springs Golf Club)
Karen Lesley Taylor (Oundle)
Lyn Thomas (Cold Ashby Golf Club)
Jane Tranter (Charnwood Forest)
Debbie Verdino (Oundle)
LORRAINE WASIUTA (The Nottinghamshire)
Jenny Westaway (32.3)
SUE WING (The Nottinghamshire)


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